BOMB FOODS COMPANY has arrived and we’re turning up the heat!!

BOMB FOODS COMPANY, founded in 2020 amidst the global pandemic, is a company created out of passion and hunger for HOT SAUCES that was lacking in the Indian food scene thus far. Our founders started out as small time ‘out-of-home’ entrepreneurs during COVID-19, creating sauce blends from family recipes and decided to create this company after receiving an overwhelming response to their creation.

In the beginning of 2021, BOMB FOODS COMPANY launched its first line of products - ‘BOMB SAUCE’, a stroke of spice with a mix of umami like never before.

We formed this company with the sole intention of providing our customers sauces with real ingredients packed with explosive flavours.
Using a wide variety of spices available in our country we have concocted the perfect mix of sauces for you. We use an array of chillies blended with spices to get that perfect oomph of flavour.

These Bomb Sauces have taken years to perfect and each of them has a special twist that unloads at the tip of your tongue.


It’s years of treasured recipes perfected with a blend of spices, bold flavours and zest that packs a whole lot of PUNCH.

As a company we strive to deliver an Indian hot sauce brand on the map and produce quality products- integrally sourced, globally.

2022 has been a year of growth and expanding for BOMB FOODS COMPANY as we drop our newest range of Dressings & Dips, Mayonnaise and Sandwich Spreads. Our culinary sauces are extremely clean, low on oil, have robust flavours and cater to both Indian and international palettes.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for our treasured customers to try these latest creations and elevate their culinary experience with our all-new flavours. We look forward to continue serving our customers with all things hot, flavourful and scrumptious.