Angry Hot Dressing And Dip

Rs. 169


Our one of a kind Secret sauce- The Angry Hot Mayo is suitable to all palates. Its creamy yet spicy, and pairs perfect with your grills. Use as a dip, salad dressing or even as a sauce for your pastas!

USES: Pairings are unlimited. This is a bomb foods company secret sauce. Use as a dip for indian and international veg and non veg snacks. Drizzle on grilled dishes or toss into salads and pastas.

SHELF LIFE: 9 Months

ALLERGEN ADVICE: This product contains milk solids

INGREDIENTS: Ingredient declaration: spices and condiments, water, edible vegetable oil (soybean), sugar, thickener (e1442, e1450, e415), salt, milk solids, acidifying agent (e260, e330), flavour enhancer (e627, e631, hydrolyzed vegetable protein), preservative (e202)