Bomb Binge Basket

Rs. 1,210 Rs. 1,424


BOMB Foods presents a pack of all for you to try all our products.


1. Lemon +Herb Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
2. Cheesey Jalapeno Dressing & Dip - 310 Gms
3. Ranch Dressing & Dip - 310 Gms
4. Spicy Kebab Harissa Dressing & Dip - 310 Gms
5. Himalayan Spice Hot Sauce - 375 Gms
6. Spicy Peanut Hot Sauce - 375 Gms

Lemon +Herb Dressing And Dip

Packed with herbs and super tangy! Add the perfect zest with this one-of-a-kind dressing for all you sandwich and salad aficionados.

Cheesey Jalapeno Dressing & Dip

Ranch Dressing & Dip

USES: Pairings are unlimited. Use as a dip for grills, buffalo wings or sautéed veggies. Goes well with salads and barbecues.

Spicy Kebab Harissa Dressing & Dip

It’s sweet yet spicy! Creamy yet nutty! Enjoy the Bomb Sauce take on authentic Turkish spices. Pair with rolls, kababs & grills. Dip into or pour over- enjoy your way.

Himalayan Spice Hot Sauce

A mouth-watering BLEND of chillies sourced from the Himalayas, gives us this spectacular hot sauce that will leave you asking for more. Heat with a note of garlic, the original hot sauce is oozing with umami.

Spicy Peanut Hot Sauce

An absolute banger of a fuse. Where peanut meets spice and everything's nice! Creates an explosion of flavour at the tip of your tongue. Curated especially for our nut