Dips Paradise Basket

Rs. 759 Rs. 825


BOMB Foods presents a pack of all for you to try all our products.


1. Chipotle Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
2. Cheesey Jalapeno Dressing & Dip - 310 Gms
3. Ranch Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
4. Amchi Achari Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
5. Cracker Curry Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms

Chipotle Dressing And Dip

Spice things up with our crowd favourite Chipotle Mayo. Drizzle on salads, spread on sandwiches or dip with your favourite snack to overload your senses.

Cheesey Jalapeno Dressing & Dip

Your new mexican food night go-to- This mayo is the perfect pairing of cheese & spice. A swanky dip with all your snacks- enjoy with nachos & Mexican cuisine or use as a salad dressing

Ranch Dressing And Dip

USES: Pairings are unlimited. Use as a dip for grills, buffalo wings or sautéed veggies. Goes well with salads and barbecues.

Amchi Achari Dressing And Dip

For all your desi cravings! our Amchi Achari sauce is a burst of Indian masti! Drizzle on Indian snacks or spread on tikka sandwiches and chats for a blast of Achari Umami.

Cracker Curry Dressing And Dip

Our cracker curry mayonnaise pairs perfectly with just about everything! Spread on sandwiches, drizzle on salads or add to burgers and kebabs. The secret recipe and flavours are gauranteed to blow you mind.