Don'T Sweat It Basket

Rs. 1,050 Rs. 1,236


BOMB Foods presents a pack of all for you to try all our products.


1. Ranch - 310 Gms
2. Cream+Onion Dressing & Dip - 310 Gms
3. Lemon & Herb Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
4. Honey Mustard Dressin And Dip - 310 Gms
5. Mint Masala Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
6. Classic Eggless Mayo - 250 Gms
7. Amchi Achari Dressing And Dip - 310 Gms
8. Bomb Burger Mayo - 250 Gms
9. Garlicky Garlic Mayo - 250 Gms


Cream+Onion Dressing & Dip

A timeless pairing of flavours- Our Cream & Onion mayo is a tangy, creamy delight with a hint of sweetness. A versatile dip for chips, grills or even sandwiches! A must have for any household.

Lemon & Herb Dressing And Dip

Packed with herbs and super tangy! Add the perfect zest with this one-of-a-kind dressing for all you sandwich and salad aficionados.

Honey Mustard Dressin And Dip

An all-time favourite sweet and salty dressing and dip, with real honey and a punch of our classic spicy mustard. Drizzle on all salads, grills and sandwiches to elevate your food game!

Mint Masala Dressing And Dip

Dil Se Desi (♥) This pudina dressing will spruce up all your Indian and fusion culinary delights from salads to chaats to all your favourite tandoori snacks.

Classic Eggless Mayo

Amchi Achari Dressing And Dip

For all your desi cravings! our Amchi Achari sauce is a burst of Indian masti! Drizzle on Indian snacks or spread on tikka sandwiches and chats for a blast of Achari Umami.

Bomb Burger Mayo

A One stop sauce for all your burgers, hot dogs and more! Try our Bomb Burger Mayonnaise today for that extra kick of flavour.

Garlicky Garlic Mayo

Our signature mayonaise with real Garlic bits. Use as a spread for your burgers, hotdogs or as a dip with your favourite snacks for an explosive garlic punch.