Pack of 5 - Taster Pack

Rs. 820 Rs. 932



BOMB Foods presents a pack of all for you to try all our sauces. 


1. Asian Spice - 190 Gms
2. Himalayan Spice - 190 Gms
3. Himalayan Xtra - 190 Gms
4. Spicy Mustard - 175 Gms
5. Spicy Peanut - 185 Gms

Asian Spice
A 100 % sun ripened chilli mash mixed with premium dark soy sauce And a vinegary spice mix, creates layers of flavours beneath the heat, while adding a note of gingery goodness! will leave you in an absolute feeding frenzy.

Himalayan Spice
A mouth-watering BLEND of chillies sourced from the Himalayas, gives us this spectacular hot sauce that will leave you asking for more. Heat with a note of garlic, the original hot sauce is oozing with umami.

Himalayan Xtra
Our spectacular blend of chillies from the Himalayas dressed even hotter in this Xtra hot concoction. Flavours , spices and umami in a bolder avatar. 

Spicy Mustard
Bored of regular mustard? Well this Sauce will hit the spot we are sure . Our blend of a variety of mustards with a kick off heat will leave you drooling ! ZESTY SPICY UMAMI - all that jazz. We recommend 10/10!

Spicy Peanut
An absolute banger of a fuse. Where peanut meets spice and everything's nice! Creates an explosion of flavour at the tip of your tongue. Curated especially for our nut lovers. Safe to say a sauce like no other.